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  1. Some Linux Facts For You
  2. Power of Linux
  3. Pre-loaded Linux: The solution to a mass of problems
  4. General tips to speed up Linux operating system
  5. What is new in Linux kernel Development, All about Linux Kernal 4.0
  6. Terminator the robot future of terminals
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  9. How to create a New Docker Image
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  11. Uncover the motivation and people behind a seminal operating system Linux
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  18. Lightweight Operating System for Vintage Laptops
  19. Get grip with aliases in Linux
  20. Ubuntu 14.04 released for the desktop
  21. Can UBUNTU replace Windows Xp
  22. Ubuntu One will be no more from June, grab your data back soon
  23. Could XP's demise be the best thing to ever happen to Linux?
  24. Learn how to build your own Steam Box System
  25. How to install Steam OS on steam box or Pc
  26. Micro-Nokia, and is the PC dead? What of Linux?
  27. Without UNIX, Linux or Android wouldn't exist
  28. Mint 17 (Qiana) is shaping up to be another excellent distro