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AP admin
01-21-2012, 05:38 PM

We have decided to pay to those member who will share valuable information and content with this community.

Here is the criteria

1- You must post content to any of these categories & subforums

Site & Server Administration
Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization
Young Entrepreneures

2- Before start posting you will reply here the number of your current posts & the forums in which you're going to post

3- Each Post/thread must contain atleast 50 words

4- For each new thread/topic we will pay 0.05$ and for each post we will pay 0.02$. it means for each new 20 topics you will earn $1 and for each 50 posts you will earn $1.

5- Refer an active member (atleast 50 post) to community to earn $1

6- We will pay at the end of each month using alertpay

NOTE: Please no spam & copypaste material...