View Full Version : How to become visible from Google Penguin Penalty?

07-26-2012, 02:56 AM
With all the pros and cons, a optimistic sign for SEO experts and website, you have a website you can leave Google Penguin If you work with data from an old link to your website. So I just share with you the process better and easier to exit the "Google Penalty Penguin"

Google Penguin has launched with a motive to lessen the web spam and notify SEO what Google want to accept from SEO. Google Penguin has damaged many sites and SEO are threatened, many white hate SEO now reform their analytic technique with arrival of Penguin. Penguin wants to clarify business owners to look at long term SEO gains instead of short-term SEO gains. Penguin shocked many word press site owners. It has affected 3.1% queries in search engine optimization.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ix5lyIL87Kk/UA-siBb8aAI/AAAAAAAAADA/OAvH4O5JTXU/s320/Penguin.png (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ix5lyIL87Kk/UA-siBb8aAI/AAAAAAAAADA/OAvH4O5JTXU/s1600/Penguin.png)

The all changes taken place in web industry due to security concern and of course everything exists on this world favor a white not a black at last. The update is a boon for unique white SEOs and a red eye for black hat SEO. All SEO who want to keep away from punishment some points should consider before placing anything on Google.

Ensure that the content is written unique and not spun; avoid unrelated keyword in the middle of content. Place Meta descriptions and vary your title on each page.
Avoid repeating keywords which makes your content pitiful and appear a worst impression also avoid Doorway pages.
Utilize some best site for your blog; add some video, image to your content. Always use of Social media to publish articles and press release.
Avoid low quality back links avoid awful blog network which can be detected by Google Penguin.
Stay away from spam and do not hand out spam.
Always follow Google�s SEO guidelines and updates to save your site from downgrading.
Avoid sub domains, multiple pages, duplicate content also never create phishing, Trojans or malicious focused pages.

Finishing this discussion that Google Penguin telling that makes pages for visitors not for search engine or any ranking motive which will create a good relation and viewers also will satisfy and you will earn much traffic on your site with good quality content and following Google�s guidelines.