View Full Version : FB hashtags: useful tip

08-21-2013, 06:59 AM
DO NOT use hashtags like #usa #new_york etc. Don`t use hashtags which are used very often by other users or resourses or else your publication simply dissolve in content flood. Use rare hashtags or even uniqie hashtags. Use a lot of different ones and soon (in several months) you`ll get some traffic from them. Effect is accumulating with growing mass of hashtags. When your FB page gets older and bigger you get more traffic from your hashtags.
There is an other way to get hashtags traffic. Use common ones, but use them VERY often. Every day generate from 5 to 10 content units and mar them with ONE massively exploiting HT. Evety day.
There is a third reason to use hashtags. It`s for rubrication of your content. If you gonna find something in your old community with thousands publicatons use UNIQUE hashtags like #‎stupid_warrior‬ (for pictures with funy gameplay screnshots) or #sinky_donk (for pictures of dead donkeys) or any other HT no one else gonna use. Thus you easily select content precisely from of your page.

So, there is TH to attract more traffic to your FB page and hashtags to rubricate your own content. Use them in correct way and be happy.