View Full Version : How could I found the client for the Software House ?

08-26-2013, 05:26 PM
How could I found the client for the Software House ???

08-26-2013, 05:46 PM
How could I found the client for the Software House ???

By proper Marketing, you can use social media, also you can use sites like elance, and odesk for more work.

08-26-2013, 05:47 PM
Hello Ayesh, Welcome to AP, Here are some tips for you.

1. Hire a Business development Officer aka BDO who is expert in Elance and other large scale freelance sites and let him work for your and make bet on projects and do follow up on them for you and hopefully he/she will be able to get you some major or minor project for you in some time.

2. You can also try to find individuals who has high rating profiles in freelancing sites and you can ask them to get your projects and you can pay them commission per project base or something like that.

3. Try to get government IT projects, for example computerization of police of district bhakkar, or something like that! For this you may have to find contacts its not that easy though and need efforts and khushamads but once you get a project then there are chances that you may get more.
*Government IT projects are often large scale and they pay equally good sum as any foreign project would get you!

4. You can start some local campaigns like Making sites for small businesses. Let me try to explain, for example there are 30 bargains in your city and local area, you can make one general proposal of website for car bargain and an example website and go personally to each of the bargain(or send your BDO) with your proposal and try to explain to them the scope of online world and having a website and facebook page and all that! So among the 30 bargains there are chances that someone may buy your idea and ask you to go for it. Similarly you can do it for car rentals and other small businesses like schools and colleges etc.
*You may even offer them to manage their social profiles for a small fee and that can become a recurring income for a software house.

5. You can think of some idea and start your own project on which your team will be working while they dont have any other project/work to do. For example, I know a a software house in Pakistan that has its own PDF software with free and paid version,and they keep selling a few pdf softwares every month and its a recurring business. Also you can make some profession blog/website(advertising base) and keep working on it, and if you have software house and team your blog/website can become a good source of recurring income.