View Full Version : Disadvantage of disabling the whole comment system on your wordpress blog ?

Django Mir
12-25-2013, 09:12 AM
Today, I noticed a question asked on G+ Page about disadvantages of disabling the whole comment system in WordPress.

First thought was : Why this guy want to disable comments in WP?
May be it is due to "Spam Comments" , Or he doesn't have time to answer comments.

If it is due to spam then he must use "Akismet" Plugin's API , it is the best solution to avoid spam. This plugin comes with default WordPress installation. Or Disqus is also good solution for this.

Well, disabling comments have only disadvantage that readers will not get interaction with blogger.

However if it's not a "Blog Only" site then you should turn off comments, as per your site's design layout.

Using comments system will affect your rankings and let your users know that there is real person behind the blog, and this will also leads to more knowledge about the post you'd build earlier. So in future you may write more on this.

A blog without comments or with only the odd one can appear to be irrelevant or poorly written even when this is not the case. Many times, readers find blogs randomly during a general topic search and may spend only seconds scanning a blog's content. If they find an interesting conversation occurring in the blog comments section, visitors to the site may become more involved with the content and may even bookmark the page to plan on returning.