View Full Version : WhatsApp - A Facebook Grown Up?

03-12-2014, 04:01 PM
In many respects, WhatsApp is the antithesis of Facebook,where you're bombarded with messages not specifically intended for you. Having a large number of people friended on Facebook has the annoying side-effect that you can easily become overloaded by messages, the majority of which aren't of critical relevance to you.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is focused on making those people you consider close friends accessible, excluding of numerous acquaintances.
If you step back and consider Twitter, then you've really got three shades of communication. Where WhatsApp is talking to people you know well, Facebook is often a wider community, and Twitter is generally speaking with those you don't really know at all.

What analysis of users has revealed is that as they get older they tend to pare down their friends, to a point where they're only really communicating with people that are direct family and close friends. That model fits better with WhatsApp than the other channels, as it's really for personal interchanges and not a glorified personal news stream service. However, it's also a service that because of the simplicity is one that people return to each day, instead
of occasionally and eventually never.

It's the digital equivalent of preferring a quiet chat in the snug of a pub, rather than trying to yell above the racket of a busy main bar where a Def Leppard tribute band is playing. What Mark Zuckerberg is betting on with WhatsApp is that we'll all have few friends, but they'll be the ones we really want and not just people we know (or wish we didn't).