View Full Version : Keep Personal Data Safe On Android

04-03-2014, 04:48 AM
Don't safeguard your privacy on your computer and then leave your Android device wide open. They carry just as much important personal data, so its makes sense to be as cautious with them too. Look for anti-virus packages such as Norton and use them, and then check out the tips in this box out to be even more secure.

Go to your privacy settings and uncheck the box next to Back up my data if you do not want information such as wi-fi passwords or system settings to be sent to the Google cloud. Then think about whether or not you want Android to divulge your whereabouts by delving in the Location settings and turning off access to apps that you would rather not know where you are.

Handily, as well as being able to password protect an entire Android device, you can also protect specific apps. Use App Protector from Google Play to tick off the apps that you want to. lock down. When you try and open these, you'll be asked for a password. It's a great way to double-protect apps that contain personal data and ensure sensitive data is only viewable by yourself.

To further manage your privacy features, turn to Lookout. It may cost you a reasonable sum each year but-the premium package is worth it because it has an option to view what your apps are up to. You will be able to see at-a-glance the apps that are accessing messages, reading identify information, tracking your location and looking at your contacts and you Gin make judgments over whether you want them to do that.

Finally, if you want to protect your identity and data when browsing, then forgo Chrome in favour of In Browser - Incognito Browsing. It will erase your browsing session when you dose the app. This means it won't store cookies, sessions or your history because it is in a permanent private mode.