View Full Version : Oscars Selfie Breaks Twitter Highlight of a generally dull evening

Lienia henna
04-22-2014, 02:39 PM
It's one of the world's most-watched television events (we're not sure quite why, as it's usually really quite dull) and the Oscars was the cause of an almighty meltdown on Twitter when a Selfie containing many of the world's most famous actors was posted online .by host Ellen DeGeneres.

With the current retweet count standing at well over three million, it also comfortably beat the infamous "four more years" post by President Obama as the platform's most retweeted image in under an hour.

What that says about modern society, we'll leave up to you to ponder. That the number of retweets also managed to temporarily break Twitter was also something of a talking point on the night as the site buckled under the weight of Interest In this star-filled photo.