View Full Version : Filco Majestouch MiniLa Air Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

05-26-2014, 04:13 PM
The benefits of Bluetooth keyboards are not lost on Filco Diatec. It took its original MiniLa design, shortened it slightly, changed a few of the key legends and, of course, installed the advertised Bluetooth connectivity. The result is a very fine Bluetooth mini keyboard with some extra special qualities.

This is a very small portable keyboard measuring just 297 x 124 x 40mm and weighing a solid 680g. Essentially, you could argue that it's a little heavy to classed as truly portable, but consider the technology involved with the keyboard and the fact that a decent weight is necessary (in our opinion anyway) for proper keyboard use.


Beyond the obvious Bluetooth connectivity, the Majestouch MiniLa Air features Cherry MX Brown switches, with a 55g actuation force and good tactile feel, replaceable keycaps, a 68-key layout and double- function keys. These double function keys are located either side of the spacebar and work by using the lesser-used thumbs in conjunction with the FN keys to access the cursor arrows, function keys, Del, Home, End and so on. It takes a little getting used to, admittedly, but once you get into the double function way of typing you'll soon find it a more efficient and effective way of typing.

The keyboard itself is quite stylish. The matt-black finish, laser-printed keys and compact design are impressive selling points alone. When you include the DIP switch on the bottom of the keyboard, which will change the various key code settings (disable the Windows and App keys, change the left/right FN key into the space, etc.) and the fact that this keyboard takes just a couple of AAs batteries, then the whole package begins to become a little more alluring.
Pairing the keyboard with a Bluetooth device, be that a tablet, headphone, laptop or PC, is extremely easy and involves pressing the relevant pairing button on the keyboard and finding it from the Bluetooth device. The pairing is steady, with no signs of lag or dropped connections, and it takes but a moment or two to re-initialize after a reboot.

Looks and features are one thing; how the keyboard works and 'feels', though, is something else entirely and is the only reason why we choose one model over another. Thankfully, the Majestouch MiniLa Air responds wonderfully, is quick to use and type on, and it 'feels' splendid. The Cherry MX Brown switch version we used was light and less 'dicky' than its Blue or Red cousins, which didn't disturb those around us while we tapped away furiously.

We were also pleasantly surprised by how long the batteries lasted. Even after spending a week with the keyboard, using it daily, we were still on the same batteries that came supplied. The only downside is the lack of a Bluetooth adapter, but since this keyboard is designed with portability in mind, this hardly constitutes a negative impact on the overall score.

To conclude, the Filco Majestouch MiniLa Air Bluetooth keyboard is an excellent keyboard. It ticks all the boxes a mechanical keyboard should, and it offers extra portability and the ability to be used with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device.