View Full Version : Aoc i2472Pwhut/BK Style line monitor

Lienia henna
06-02-2014, 02:59 PM
The Aoc i2472Pwhut/BK (not a name that trips lightly off the tongue), is a new member of the company's range of Style Line monitors. This particular model features a 23.6" WLED/IPS screen with an aspect ratio of 16.9 and provides users with ten point touch control.


I donít know about you, but the distance I'd like to away from a monitor this size for comfortable viewing, while not too excessive, is further than my normal reach, which negates the value of its touch facility slightly. Of course, you might organize your work space differently or be happier closer to the screen.

While we're on the subject of positioning, the monitor can be wall-mounted or stood on your workspace. In this case of the latter, you can adjust the angle of the permanently attached stand between 15į and 57į for more comfortable viewing. However there is no option to adjust the height; it remains firmly seated on whatever it is placed.

The screen is encased within a dual bezel surround adopting the lacquered black look which I found a little distracting initially, until I got use to it. The outer bezel, with a silver band encircling it, has a built-in webcam feature and the various touch-sensitive controls (not to be confused with the monitor touch facility) for power and screen adjustments with and without the OSD (On Screen Display) feature.


As usual, the monitor's connection options are located on the rear of the unit. AOC has taken the decision to split these connections into two separate areas. Centrally positioned are the sockets for power, analogue D-SUB 15-pin VGA, headset, audio in, two HOM I ports plus two USB 2.0 ports. These sockets are pointing downwards, which means they are not easy to get at once the monitor has been set up. As a result I feel these connections are more suited for permanent connections that you are unlikely to change.

The second group of connection options is situated towards the right side of the monitor, where access is more convenient. Here you will find a further three USB ports but, unlike the others, these ports are of the 3.0 variety. One of these ports is designated for fast charging, while another is set aside for connecting to a computer which is a necessary requirement if you want to take advantage of the monitor's webcam and touch capability.

Image quality at the recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080 @60Hz is good, often giving an illusion of depth with many scenes. Some care does need to be taken with the positioning of this monitor as it can suffer a little from being exposed to direct sunlight. Bundled with this touch screen monitor is AOCs usual collection of utilities for adjustment of luminance, image set-up and colour temperature and those to set up time-related actions and create screen layouts. Leads for power, D-SUB 15-pin, HDMI and USB 3.0 are included in the box.