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07-02-2014, 10:25 AM
How to know email id of orkut users who is not in my friend list, n the user sets private?
1.Go to the profile of the user.

2.Click on Ignore user tab given on left side

3.Open your Gtalk and click on settings link given on the top

4.Click on blocked users

Now you can see the Email ID which was previously invisible to you.

ie in short

Orkut profile>Ignore user>Gtalk settings>Blocked users>Email ID


Go to the profile page of the person you wish to get the email address.
Add him as a friend. (Don’t wait till his approval. This trick does not need anyone’s friendship approval.)
Go to Your Friends page on your Orkut profile.

Look at the right hand side navbar. You can see few options there like Find more friends, Add a contact, Export contacts. Click on Export contacts.

Fill up the captcha form and download your contacts.csv file.

After downloading contacts on your computer, open the files with Microsoft Excel or any similar tools.

This file will be having all your friend’s email addresses. This email address also includes those persons whom you have sent a request, but they have not accepted.


1 Log in to your Orkut account.

2 Type the user ID of the person whose email ID you want to find in the search box on the right corner of the Orkut Web page and then press “Enter.” Matching search results will be displayed.

3 Click on a search result you find closest to your requirements. Orkut homepage of the selected person will be opened.

4 Click on the “More Info” option on the new version of Orkut. It is present on the right side of the profile photo. On the old version of Orkut, click on the “View Full Profile” option.

5 Click on the “Social” tab of the Web page that opens. Email ID will be listed on this Web page along with other profile details.

You are done.

Now you can easily track and know any Orkut user’s email address. Again I’m mentioning, Do this trick as soon as possible before Orkut fixes this