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AP admin
07-10-2010, 12:18 PM
Want to be a moderator on adminspoint.com ?
We are giving you a chance to be a moderator for a specific forum/section which you like most.

Requirements to apply:

You must be an active user over past 7 days.
You must have at least 50 threads in the forum for which you want to be moderator.
Having experience in administrating or moderating forums is plus point
You must refer 5 active members to this community (one time only).
You should have enough knowledge of that particular forum where you like to become mod [Only Serious Application]

Maintain Moderator Status:
Just a single requirement to maintain your moderator position is 25 threads/ month

NOTE: You will most probably remain moderator for 30 days. we will check if you met the criteria to maintain your position every month. However We have right to demote any moderator at any time.

How to apply:
Reply to this topic. Here is the format of your reply. please choose forum which is most relevant to your knowledge and experience.

refferd members list:

Thank You
AdminsPoint Administrator