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Thread: Want my nephew to get into freelancing

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    Want my nephew to get into freelancing

    I know this will sound so stupid but I need some help here.. I find it hard to teach anyone.. specially my siblings/nephews/relatives..

    My nephew is in 9th grade computer science.. and I want him to get into freelancing before he finishes his 10th grade.. who here can help him to tell where from and how to start?

    I left blogging few months ago since I didn't find any interest in it.. I went into business and very much like it.. but I want him to start from blogging, SEO or anything YOU think he should starts from.

    Awaiting for SERIOUS replies.

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    Ask him to learn basics from online video tutorials, tuts and many others about Blogging, SEO and freelancing, after that he can step in Professional Blogging and have Experience and become an expert easily.

    Graphic Designing is difficult but money making Machine. Download tutorials then ask him to watch and learn again and again and Learn from Basics to Advance

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    One cannot force someone to start freelancing. People are lazy, I tried to get a lot of people to work as freelancers, very few of them started it. Not coz I am not good at explaining or any other reason, but because of their laziness.

    If he is willing to do it. Then tell him to find what he is good at.
    1. Programming -> Go build a product
    2. Graphics Design -> Go build a product
    3. Data Analysis -> Go build a product

    Freelancing should be there as a learning step not as a career.

    If (1)
    follow top dev in the niche he likes;
    elseif (2)
    follow Chris, Orman Clark
    follow Chris Borgan become a Marketer

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    1. First I think he need to learn What is Blogging or What is a blog, He can learn it by simply browsing internet. I have personally experience that you cannot teach a guy blogging, until he himself researches about it. You simply cannot. Ask him to spend few hours on Internet Googling and finding more about Blogging, A bit of Developing and the stuff he is interested in to learn like HTML, CSS, PHP (not now as it is advance). Read Blogging related resources,,, and etc.

    2. Don't fall into a trap, and never go in institutions to learn something that can be learned straight from our home. (Like Why to pay when I can learn for FREE)? Youtube is there, and There is a Popular YouTube Channel "TheNewBoston" which has a treasure of thousands of tutorials it even has Complete guide about HTML, CSS, PHP, Android Development and etc.

    3. Ask him to Start a Blog on (the fact is that, it is Free, Secure and takes minutes to learn). Beginner always prefer Blogger because there is nothing to loose. Ask him to start a blog on the basis of his own interest. Like if he is interested in Gaming then blog about that. If he is interested in Sports than blog about. Or he want to continue the trend, then Blog about Technology but the thing is interest matters a lot.

    4. Before jumping in freelancing, He should polish his skills, May be PhotoShop, Designing, HTML, CSS, Development. I prefer as i use it myself and it really works great for even a young teenager. Their send money to our bank account in 1 day, so thats a plus.

    5. You cannot force him to do this, If he has interest then i am sure he can get it through.

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    My friend said,let him enjoy their life. I don't know much about this concept but as per my personal experience. I can say is that It is right to let our younger brother and sister enjoy their lives but asking them or showing them a path to manage their expenses on their own is also equally important.
    I'm not Hitler who is against Children's enjoyment but just a bit concern about their future. I enjoyed a lot of time during my Matriculation and ignored those precious opportunities when I could plan something for me ( But I did later which I may regret for my whole life) so maybe this is the reason that I ask my younger brother to learn something (whatever attracts him) so that he could take a good start in his life. At least better than me.
    And I hope may Allah give success to every newbie starting out something of his interest.

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