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Thread: Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

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    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

    That time was gone when backlink used to be one of the most vital factors in search engine strategy for getting good page rank and Search engine result. But in 2012, the priority of backlinks was reduced and focused were increased on many other factors. But still Backlinks play a major role in Search engine optimization (SEO). For those whom are not aware of Backlink word. Backlink are the link bound to your site from outside. We also called it hyper link, one thing that you should keep in mind, always try to get a backlink from the top high PR Blog instead of Low PR Blogs. It will affect your blog positively. Google analytics is one of the most famous tools to estimate the visitors of a blog, it comes up with useful tools and resources but here are some other tools alternate to Google analytics which let you evaluate the visitors and check backlinks with more options and sources such as keyword research, tracking and advertising analysis & position monitoring etc.

    Here is the List of 6 online Backlink Checker

    Backlink Watch
    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-backlinkwatch.jpg
    This is one of the most well-known backlink checker tools powered by Ahref. You can use it for discovering the variety of backlinks to your blog or website. Backlink watch is totally free with the advantages indicating extra services for weblog writers such as useful information about the quality of backlinks and the guest statistics on your site. Now you might get a query, why use back-link watch tool while you can get the information straight from Ahref, it is because Ahref will not show all the back-links for 100 % free, but in back-link observe you can have a look at the finish list of back-links in a simple desk with no follow or do follow banner and backlink’s web PageRank. But in return you will see Pop-up ads through which they generate a decent amount of money

    Ahref Backlink checker

    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-ahrefs.png
    Ahref is one of my favorite websites provides one of the biggest indices of backlinks. The tool is updated in every 15 minutes to find more links made to a website. It is a favorite back-link research tool for many internet marketers and SEO experts, yet simple and convenient enough for starters because it comes with a simple user interface with easy to use. It is also capable to check the location of keywords and struggle in keywords also you can find internal and external backlink with do-follow and no follow links. After upgrading your account you will get a complete back-link research along with anchor-text research of your web page. This tool offers significant amounts of precise related to all inbound links and with time, how your web page links are increasing or reducing. Especially after Penguin update, If your website is due to negative SEO, Ahref tool will tell you about the link and % breakdown of those links so you can save your website faster than others

    Open Site Explorer

    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-seomoz_open_site_explorer.jpg
    Site Explorer is another important and free as well as paid backlink checker tool offered by the folks at was incorporated in 2009 own by a company MOZ that already offered SEO Services. So you can expect more from this tool. In site explorer you can check your website DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) and linking root to the domain. Paid MOZ members can also come to know about their website Facebook twitter, Google plus likes and shares. With open site explorer you can evaluate your website with 5 other weblogs and make further changes to develop your website.

    Majestic SEO
    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-majestic-seo.jpg
    Spectacular SEO is one of the biggest web indices. Although, it does not storage cache entire pages, the link information and detail reviews provided are excellent. You will need to register for a merchant account, but once you have confirmed your website you will be provided access to significant web page link information for all of your confirmed or verified websites.

    Small SEO Tools Backlink checker

    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-smallseotool.jpg
    Another famous online tool with free streaming backlink checker tool giving you backlink report with information like site page Rank, anchor text and whether the link is do follow or no follow. You might not find this tool as cool as others nevertheless the information it gives is actually amazing. Give it a shot, and share your exposure to us.

    Monitor Backlinks

    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-monitor-backlinks.jpg
    Monitor Backlinks are a web-based SEO tool which automatically notifies users when their backlinks are changed/removed or maybe if they will expire. It can be used by both promoters and marketers. This tool has features like: import/export from file, PageRank checker IP/do follow/country checker, bookmark let, and automated email notifier. There exists a free version and paid ones, based on the amount of backlinks which users can monitor. If there is any other tool in your mind through which a person can get good result, mention that in the comment box. We will try to write a review on that tool. Note: we will appreciate your comment.

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    I think these all are paid , not free?

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    Very helpful post. You missed semrush , which is very famous and many SEO professional use this.

    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-semrush.jpg

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    Here are some more backlink checking tools, you missed in your list.

    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-monitorbacklinks.jpg

    Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool Discover & Monitor your SEO Backlinks


    Top 6 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools-webseoanalytics.jpg

    SEO tools / Link Popularity

    Backlink Anchor Text Analysis - Backlink Checker

    WebMeUp backlink tool - link checker with fastest growing index

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