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Thread: Is it necessary to insert keyword in the post to get traffic?

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    Is it necessary to insert keyword in the post to get traffic?

    Is it necessary to insert keyword in the post to get traffic ?
    Because I saw there are various famous blogs are not inserting keywords. They insert the post only in Category and they are getting good amount of traffic around the world.

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    Your question is not right, learn a little about how you should write an article around a keyword.

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    Your post must be written around a keyword.

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    If you insert keyword in your post it will only help your site to come up in search engine.

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    Your keyword is your theme, your topic; your keyword is the reason you are writing your post.
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    Yes, it is important to use keywords with right density in your content. Doesn't matter where you are posting your content.

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    Yes, of course! if you want your website with good rank, then you have to!

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