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Thread: Link building strategie

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    Link building strategie

    Hey friends,
    How you guys doing? I hope everything is going fine. I am a webmaster and I am on the lookout to adapt some strategies which will help in boosting the rankings of the site on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. I have heard that link building strategies can help in boosting the web rankings on the search engine. What are backlinks and how can they boost rankings? Can you help me with the popular SEO strategies? I am dying to enhance the web rankings. Please get back to me at the earliest!

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    Back links are those links which helps to get ranking in search engines. Actually, these links create reputation over internet for your website. Good reputation helps to get ranked over search engines. That’s why it is necessary in SEO. Getting Backlinks is Off-page optimization activity. Getting backlinks from trusted and relevant sites are most important to get advantage of those links. When you are given links, it will be treated outbound links for you and when you give links to other, it will be called inbound links for you.

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    One of the best method to build links for your website is through the use of article submission. Article submission are websites where users can submit content that they write with links back to their sites to improve their search engine rankings.

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    Social bookmarking and Directory listing is two methods I use to get inbound links. With list listing you should target about 500 - 1000 internet directories as you will not get listed on every list you send to. You should not send to all directories as well, do it through eventually and also avoid automatic distribution tool as seo see this as a hoax.

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    i do forum posting & blog commenting for to get more backlink.
    God is Great !!

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    Link building is not about search engine optimisation, it's not about boosting your Google PageRank, it's not about publishing a link directory and it's not about swapping links with as many other websites as possible.
    If you've gone through all the hard work of a link building campaign, you expect to be rewarded with some impressive links. The reality is that many people are disappointed with the trickle of links and the trickle of traffic that their efforts produce. If that sounds familiar to you, then you need to step back a bit and re-access your linking strategy.

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    Placing links on relevant websites by using off-page seo techniques, you can build backlinks and improve your ranking.

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    Link building strategies

    Guest blogging is new strategy to bust your ranking in Google or other search engine.

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    link building is really a hard work..
    and you'd better do more do follow links..

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    have google penguin update in mind when building links, vary your anchor text. Read this for more info: Google Penguin - What Is It? | UP Search

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