Not everyone is happy having the combined components that make up a computer on show, so in cases such as these an alternative computer desk is necessary. The Medara Hideaway desk is one such example. It's a relatively sturdy, solid oak and veneer computer desk that measures in at 1110 x 550 x 800mm and provides suitable internal compartments for the base unit, printer, spare paper and further drawers and shelving for the usual bits and bobs.

There's a decent cable management system built into the unit, with four cable ports fitted into the back panel to hide any unsightly tangle of wires. The base unit compartment can accommodate a tower measuring up to 220 x 510 x 420mm, but there is extra height if needed, as the shelf above the base unit section can be removed. AU cables and access to the cables can be reached from the gaps between the structure and the rear panel, although I don't have to dig around back there too often, then all the better.

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There's a pull-out keyboard shelf that offers plenty of space for a full-sized keyboard, along with enough left over for mouse movement And further to the various shelves, the large printer designated area can be also be removed to provide a bit more leg space or extra storage, depending on your hardware The finish of the desk is superb, and with a resilient lacquer the oak used makes for a heavy (weighing in at around 80kg) but sturdy and virtually unmovable object once in place. This is also one of the few desks these days that's built to order and arrives at your doorstep fully constructed, bar a few odds and ends. The quality of the desk is lovely and when the doors are dosed and the innards that make up the computer are hidden away, it generally blends in with the rest of the household furniture.

However, the monitor sitting on the top of the unit is something of a giveaway. Naturally, there's not much that can be done with regards to the monitor, unless of course an extra section is built in that hides it as well as the other components. So although it's a nice item of furniture, the hideaway part does feel a little use less in some respects. But it does a good job of keeping everything tidy and in its place, and there's ample storage space that can be further personalised to some degree, Plus, considering the quality of the wood used and the overall first class finish, it's not a bad price either. We rather liked the idea of hiding the computer away when it's not in use, despite the large monitor resting on the top.

In truth, the monitor on the top of the desk wasn't too bads, but when sitting at the desk we did feel a little cramped and often found ourselves moving our legs to uncomfortable position to one side to get closer to the keyboard and monitor. Generally speaking, if you occasionally use a computer and you don't want it on display, then this type of desk would be ideal. However, if you spend long hours in front of a PC, then a traditional desk would be more suitable.