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Thread: How to get REAL people in social networking services: sharing experience

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    Question How to get REAL people in social networking services: sharing experience

    I want to discuss one serious stuff. Fb, Twitter even goddamn LinkedIn are literally infested with fake accounts or bots today. If you need more convertions from traffic generated within social networking systems sometimes it`s pretty hard to select (and attract) real target auditory from thousands of selfpromoters and 'likeforlikers'. Share your experience or ideas on how to solve this problem, pals.

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    You are absolutely right. there are many websites in the market which provides fake likes/followers. But I think this is some what helpful. As they increase number of likes/followers what ever these are fake but provides good attention from the users. is the best option to get real traffic on your website. Many people use facebook pages to promote their websites. There is a new feature for facebook pages i.e: promote/Boost your post. And this boost really work and get real people to see your post. Facebook advertisement system is also another option to get real peoples to your website.

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    facebook advertisement is really awesome. I have got 750+ real targeted likes in just 2.24 Euro .

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