1. Power. They in FB never let you do what you easily CAN do in VK:
a) filtering people by sex, age, geography, date of birth, political and religious views, married/single/right now searching 4 a dick etc., and
b) powerful user friendly search in GIGANTIC PIRATE CONTENT DATABASE - free books, video and music from al over the world.

2. Usability (all in one or two clicks access; no one leading you in circles constantly trying to make money of you as greedy FB constantly does).

3. Million tons of totally free pirate content (everything they ever stole of music and video; 3rd biggest audio hosting of the planet, 4th biggest video hosting - if it is in english and published these two centuries you`ll certainly find it in 460 or 740HD). These guys steal everything we pay for and watch it totally free. This place is a goddamn pirate`s paradize!

4. Biggest social net in Europe BTW.
Main problem: mostly all around you are russian speaking. But if you just seeing movies in english, listening music and looking for girlfriend it is not a problem at all.)

First of all I advised to use VK as best ever made entertainment platform, not as promotional one. Russian traffic is not always solvent. But VK is the nicest place to find all that Hollywood or modern/old bands have ever produced. If you look for books, video or songs in english you`ll certainly find it there.

How to monetize this treasure?
For example you can (using simple Chrome plugin for VK) download million tons of free pron movies and start your own topical site. If you want to monetize VK just think a bit more creative.

Some words about fake accounts and bots.
VK protection is less stupid than Twitter`s one. There are not so much bots and fakes that FB has at the moment (you simply cannot register and do something useful without giving them your phone number). Also they massively kill bots from time to time using their own algorithms. So if you are looking for russian of european traffic it has sense to register some VK accounts. Start studying this social net more attentively, pals.

P.S. A lot of ideas was stolen by Google+ and FB from this very project.