And so it begins!

My goal is to help people learn more about the parking industry and help them earn more money while spending less of it.

There are tons of tricks,tips,secrets that people use to make money in this business.

Let me say this, I will not discuss illegal or bad practices here so please don't ask.

What will I talk about? How to find domains,with traffic for cheap. Creating long term wealth for yourself and how to do it on a budget. I will answer questions and talk about what I know. If there is something I'm not familiar with or not knowledgeable about I will say so.

I am not here to start flaming wars with other domainers or parking gurus. Everyone has their own set of rules to making money. If you don't like mine, that's okay , but please share your ideas with everyone instead of bashing others.

Myths I want to debunk now:

#1. Parking is dead. (Far from it)

#2. You can't make money doing it. (B.S.- you can make a ton of money in it)

#3. Only the rich can do this. (This is not true!)

#4. Google doesn't like domain parking! (Yes they do, they make a ton of money off it. If they hated it so much why do they continue to support it?)


So what's the point of all this? It's to help people with parking.

Please feel free to email,pm, or post your questions here and I will do my best to answer them all.



(P.S. I'm not the best writer so I apologize for any grammar or sentence structure mistakes in advance.)

--Answers to Questions I'm frequently asked!--

#1. What parking companies do I support/like?

These are the main ones I use and have had great success with. I base my success not only on the amount of money I make but also, customer service and transparency.

In alphabetical order:

- (Supports Foreign Traffic)(Zero Click Model Supported)
- (Famous site)
- (Supports Foreign Traffic) (Zero Click Model Supported)
- (Supports Foreign Traffic)
- (Highest Payouts In The Industry)

#2. What tools do you use to help you evaluate domains?

Besides my own "TOOL", which I'm not here to promote I would suggest the following;

1. - Great resource site (I do not affiliated with them in anyway)

If we break down the tools I generally look at the following:

Traffic Sources: (Understand that no tool is 100% accurate but together you can get a great picture.)

4. Verisign Labs: VERISIGN™ DomainScore ( WARNING: This tool to be used when you have mastered other tools. The information on this site is tricky but can be useful)

History of the domain:


Backlinks: ( There are plenty of tools for these but here are some sites I use)

2. Google Backlinks
3. Yahoo Backlinks
6. (Enjoy this one. It's the search engine for backlinks)


1. Google Keyword Tool

#3. Where can I get lists to analyze:

I have my own tools that do the work for me however here are a few places you can grab lists from to analyze:

2. - (good site)
6. - (this covers a majority of the above & more)

#4. Do all your domains make money?:


I'll say it again : NO! I STILL PICK LOSERS!

In fact anyone who says they make money on every single purchase is lying. No one has a 100% success rate and you don't need to. What you need to do to win in this business is;

#1. Pick 51% winners
#2. Make sure to keep your costs low and make more then your spending.

Understand a single domain can make up the costs of lost ones. I picked a domain that makes me $15.00 a day in revenue. That means I'll make $450 a month with it and it's recouped $300 I've lost on previous domains.

Trust me, the sea of domains is massive and there are ton's of GOLDEN NUGGETS ready to be mined by all.

#5. How much do you spend on domains?:

I've spent anywhere from $.99 - $x,xxx! If I like a domain I will spend what I need, to get it as long as "I CAN STILL MAKE A PROFIT"! That's the key.

However, recently I am testing a new program which allows me to buy strictly "HANDREGS". YUP, Handregs! You would be surprised at how much stuff is just sitting on the ocean floor of domains that people think are garbage.

#6. Blacklisted Domains? Revenue Sucks! HELLLLLP!

This is something that's not addressed a lot and something everyone should be aware of: THE BLACK LIST!

This still happens to me this day. I'll buy a domain only to find out the previous owner got blacklisted from Google. This will affect your revenue greatly because Google will not allow Parking Companies to display the proper ad's on your site. If this happens you will need to go to a second feed like Yahoo! or Zeroclick model.

Common Terms for Blacklisted:

1. Faillisted
2. Blacklisted
3. Fail

Check the status of a domain when you park it and you'll see what I mean.

Edit:6/12/2012: Thank You for this tool!

Originally Posted by

One thing I can add to this thread is to check if the domain is blacklisted before you purchase them, simply point to: Domain Here)


Primary = Google

Secondary = All others but Google (Faillisted,blacklisted, etc from google)

Hope that helps

#7. YUM! YUM! Domain Tasting

If you're not sure what this is it's when you buy a domain and test the traffic for a set amount of time and if your not happy with the traffic you can get a refund or partial refund of your handreg fee.

One thing I see all the time is: Domain tasting is dead! No it's not!

Yes; it might not be as prevalent as it once used to be but there are companies out there that still allow it. How do I know this? Because I do it.

#8. Can I promote or advertise my parked domains?

No, No, No, No, No, No,No, No, No, No, No, No,No, No, No, No, No, No,No, No, No, No, No, No!

If I wasn't clear let me repeat it; NO!