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Thread: Blogging has become more of a stress now

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    Blogging has become more of a stress now

    Blogging has become more of a stress now You cant rely on this anymore, I will suggest whatever you earn from your blogs, invest it on yourself and make yourself a man of value, In future if you feel bore with blogging , You must have some skills to survive, We can not spent our whole life with a tension of web optimization. So Be practical, realistic and never rely on online earning, you might end in disappointment.

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    So you should learn web designing and development, together with search engine optimization.

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    I completely agree with you brother since, I have experienced the bitter side of this world too.

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    There are 100s or more way to earn online other then blogging. While you are doing blogging try to expand yourself too .Learn new stuff. Rather then waiting for blogging to be dead for you. As they say never put all you eggs in one basket. Also most of the bloggers depend on SEO. Which make your site up and down with every new change google made. Try to make and create something where you can work alone and don't need to depend on any other platform.

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    only 2 % bloggers make it to high level out of 100 % .. those 2 r basically among those lucky people who r extra genius or r trained or supervised by experienced and professionals in this industry who really know how to play the game well to turn it in to a full time living source .. but unluckily a trend is going on that no one releases their secrets of way of working.. every one suggests do this or do that.. no one explains the reason or complete guide to work on.. even if u google it .. u will find lots of things over there that how to become a successful webmaster etc.. but to be honest and sad most of the things r not correct and if u find something cool or relevant.. its outdated according to new updates of search engine algorithms.. now it does not mean the world is empty and don't have any good people left.. still there r some but they r hell busy in making their own online business empires and cant take out even a single hour from their time.. i recently got in to a detailed discussion with a Canadian blogger who is making almost 2k $ a day and the final conclusion was if i start giving time in teaching how would i make time for working and earning .. so its hard to become a successful webmaster but if u r really hardworking than stop finding excuses and start seeking for answers.. one day your efforts would b rewarded and those who once taunted u will come to you to learn how u r that much high.. why is that bcz ALLAH never holds hardwork and its paid off by him as ALWAYS.. now sooner or later.... its ur luck and hardwork .. ( by the way ... its a bit of my own life story as well )

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