I am not asking for any site analysis. I don't go public with my good sites now. If you are doing this analysis for Freakify then let me be clear it is an abandoned kid in all the blogs I have

Reasons: There are a lot of reasons. Let's stay to the topic.

I have mentioned again and again these are the old techniques, by which all you will ever be able to will be get $1k to $5k per month from your blogs. Which is next to nothing. People are doing way better than this.

If a blog/site is giving more than $10K a month then you are at the right track.

How many of you have acheived this mark?
I did Mashallah with more than 3 of my blogs, but these techniques are no more working.

It is like if I was able to take 3 blogs and 2 sister sites to that level of revenue I should be able to replicate my tricks for other blogs as well. But for like last one and a half year none of my new projects did well, they end up giving me 10K to 50k daily pageviews and hardly $5k per month which is shitty. There fluctuations are hell big. One month you get $5k and the month you end up having $3k.

Whereas the three blogs and their 2 sister sites are performing same as they were performing three years ago. Quite stable.

This leads to one single Pattern. Google is not accepting new sites with the same SEO strategies.


This is my post all about, what is new in your strategy these days, if you are doing something in SEO field and are willing to share pointers.