I've been reading WF for months, but only just bothered to register! So I thought I'd share something that some of you might find useful and save you a few bucks buying Yahoo! Answers Level 2 accounts.

Here is how to make a level 2 account in 2 days.

First, go to advanced search. Search for anything and save 2 searches. You get a bonus 20 points.

Search for something that you can write a generic answer and there are a lot of questions on that subject, e.g. cheap flights. Spin a 'good' answer, not just rubbish. Answer 15 questions. I find that if it's a good answer then about 10% get chosen as the 'best answer' better still if you can find generic question on your topic, leave a link in SOME of your answers, not all, you'll get suspended. You also find that you get a few 'thumbs up'.

Then, go to advanced search and search for anything using, and use the following search filters:

Question Status = open
Number of answers = no answers
Date submitted = last 7 days

Then sort showing the oldest first.

This way, most of the time you're the only answer and in most cases the asker will chose you as the best answer or with just one vote, you'll get the best answer. Most of the time someone else will vote for you, or you can vote for yourself using a different account.

So. Here's the math.

Day 1:

Saved searches = 20 points
Answered 20 questions = 40 points
Best Answers (hopefully) = 20-40points.

Day 1 total = 60-100 points.

Day 2: Do the same, generic answers and filter for questions with no answers.

Answered 20 questions = 40 points
Best Answers (hopefully) = 20-40 points

Day 2 total = 40-80 points.

If you've got a few best answers then you will already be at level 2 after just the second day.

Alternatively to ensure the best answers, answer some of your own questions and choose your own answer! But even without doing this, I get a number of level 2 accounts in 2-3 days.

Don't forget to use proxies!! And also Answer Assault is wicked.