What happened?
Google, Mozilla and Opera have pledged to keep releasing browsers that work with Windows XP, despite Microsoft's plan to cut support for the 12-year-old
operating system in April 2014. Microsoft's ending of XP support means the OS will no longer receive security patches, but Chrome, Firefox and Opera will continue to be updated by their respective companies. There haven't been any XP versions of Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer, since IE8 was released in 2009.

How will it affect you?
If you're still using Windows XP, you need to consider upgrading to Windows 7 or 8. Unless your XP PC is really old or low-spec, it should be able to
manage the OS update.
If you want to carry on using XP (or you have no choice), you'll still be able to get online using an up-to-date browser, but you'll be more at risk from security threats than other users.
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What do we think?
The browser manufacturers have been criticized for encouraging users to keep using XP despite the risks, but we think the fault lies with Microsoft. If Microsoft is really worried about security. it should either extend support for XP further. or do a better job of persuading users to upgrade.