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Thread: Gmail Attachment problems on IE 10

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    Gmail Attachment problems on IE 10

    I use Gmail with Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 7. Recently, I can't add attachments to emails. And I can only receive pictures attached to email from my daughter's Mac if she uses 'send as email' from her Samsung phone. The problem doesn't appear in Chrome, nor in similar configurations on a tablet. I have the latest updates from Microsoft and Norton 360, and have scanned with 10bit Malware Fighter (, but no problems were found. I have turned off IE under Control Panel's 'Programs and Features', restarted, and turned IE back on, but it didn't help.

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    One possible solution is to try IE's Compatibility View. Click the broken page icon in the address box to reload the page. There are two ways to attach files: drag and drop them from an Explorer window or click the paperclip button and select the file to attach. Try both. Using another browser often solves the problem. Despite all the advances browsers have made over recent years, they still don't work with every website in every situation. Occasionally, a site or page won't work with one browser and you have to switch to another. Browsers and websites are frequently updated and it is possible that an update next week or next month will fix the problem. In the meantime, use Chrome for webmail.

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