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Thread: Nokia reveals the Nokia X 1st Android phone by Nokia

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    Nokia reveals the Nokia X 1st Android phone by Nokia

    Previously codenamed Normandy, Nokia has used its MWC conference to unveil the Nokia X — a phone that's technically running Android, but with more than a few tweaks.

    Described as a "three way mashup" the Nokia X isn't just the smartphone family itself, it's also the name of the operating system. Basically a bedrock of Android 4.1, Nokia X pulls in elements of Asha and Windows Phone to create a unique experience — but one that can still use Android apps (although not the Google Play store, it seems — your app experience will be curated by Nokia).

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    The first Nokia X phone will be a rather mid-range number, with a 4-inch screen (800 x 480 resolution) and a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It's also only €89 or around AUD$140. It's joined by the Nokia X+ which has more storage and an SD card slot. The Nokia XL is a bigger screen and has a larger rear camera and 2-megapixle forward facing camera.

    While this isn't the Nokia Android phone people may have been anticipating, it is the perfect phone for emerging markets, which seem to be the focus for Nokia with the Nokia X.
    We'll have more information, including hands on with the hardware and software, ASAP.

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    Nokia has announced its first Android mobiles at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

    Nokia has announced its first Android mobiles at the Mobile World Congress in Sunny Barcelona. Moving from the Windows Phone Software it’s been so reliant on in recent times, the new X, X+ and XL models of Nokia are aimed at developing and budget markets and still mirror much of Microsoft mobile OS. This does not look great for Microsoft purchase of the company and the firm itself said in a statement that it was ‘less excited’ about some of Nokia’s project while Nokia’s former CEO Stephen Elop himself has described the move as “surprising”. So while the relationship between the two is still solid, Nokia’s move us a wee bit embarrassing.

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    When you look at Nokia and then at its latest X series phones featuring Android, you think how can a company who in the past spoke so mockingly about Android can decide to make an Android phone. Do you smell some suspicion? well I do. The Xs have a price higher than Asha series and lower than Windows phone; a midway road they have taken. There are so many good reasons that you should not buy X series phone. They are neither completely Windows phone nor Android one.First of all you would not find complete Android software in the mobile, as it is based on Android 4.1 also not the latest one. The X will strip you off from Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and even there is no Google Play store for you to download applications. So what’s the benefit of Android then ?User interface is very confusing, you would find only two screens; one for notifications and latest used apps and second one is for showing apps in line. It looks like a blend of Asha and Windows phone to me. You can find the one look info from the tiles but they can never be like the Windows Phone live tiles.You know it that Android phones have a reputation that they do not get updates to latest firmware version, and when you are buying a Nokia based Android, would they provide you with updates; it is not confirm yet. But one thing is confirm, as Nokia has changes the Android OS for X series phone, so the new versions would also be wrapped up in Nokia clothes before they release it; ultimately requiring more time.The problem is that the Nokia X series phones are lower end smart phones and would be bought by people who are not into technology so much as my girl friend is; they only see the ads, read words like “Nokia”, “Apps”, “Android” and they would rush to buy it. But what would happen when they would find out that there is no Play Store in the phone and all major apps have been replaced by Microsoft ones.Lastly I would say that the phone is totally lame, it is nothing more than a low end smart phone with some extra lip-stick on it. Yeah price is low, but on the cost of all the troubles you would be buying. Phone is not enough optimized to run the attest versions of Google Android so the phone is also incredibly slow.I would recommend all of my readers to go for Nokia Lumia 520 in case they are looking for budgeted Lumia phone or If you are looking for a goof Android phone you may go for Moto G; both are handsome phones with much better performance, look and built in quality.

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