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Engagement On Facebook: When It Matters
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Thread: Engagement On Facebook: When It Matters

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    Engagement On Facebook: When It Matters

    For all of those who look for just likes on the page please get out of the Dilemma. As an official alpha level Facebook PMD, I just got this from FB, sharing so that we can attain business goals from FB.

    Hope it helps

    Engagement On Facebook: When It Matters

    We know that understanding and measuring engagement as it relates to marketing can be challenging given various definitions of the term across traditional marketing and online advertising. We developed the attached paper to help clarify the term 'engagement' and provide guidance on how engagement metrics should be leveraged to measure your online marketing efforts on Facebook. Industry research has shown that engagement metrics are not well correlated with KPIs and other important business outcomes. While engagement can help guide creative testing decisions, we encourage you to continue to focus on developing and measuring your online marketing efforts with your business objectives in mind.

    Engagement is a foundational concept in marketing that involves moving the hearts and minds of your target audience. Since the advent of online advertising, clicks have been viewed as proxies for the traditional notion of engagement. However, in many cases, these click-based forms of engagement do not align with the desired business outcomes of your content. The dual meanings of engagement in traditional marketing and online advertising have been challenging for many marketers. In this paper, we explain how to use online engagement metrics in a way that can help achieve your business goals.

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    Wow, a load of good information. Facebook is all about engagement.

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