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Thread: Guys i m confuse anyone can help me please

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    Guys i m confuse anyone can help me please

    hy guys i m confuse anyone can help me please
    my staff are working at home and i dont want to bound them in my office but now i need your help
    these things i m facing and need solution.
    1. how i can observe that activities on skype through my system
    2. can i get authority to allow someone to contact someone on technically base?
    3. all users dont want to slip through my staff..need securities tips how i can save my customers
    any one can do it plz

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    Hi Mate,

    Let me know have you your office rules?
    Why not your team come at office?
    How you will manage your business really though?

    Listen if you want to grow your business my suggestion call to your team at your office this is better situation for you and also for your business..

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