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Thread: Enhance your photos with Photofy App

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    Enhance your photos with Photofy App

    We are continually impressed by the wealth of photo editing and social photography apps that are now available for both Android and IOS. Long gone are the days of basic cropping with your phone's camera, now we have complete editing suites with the ability to tweak or manipulate our photo's to a more pleasing or abstract effect. Surely this modern fixation with the camera's mobile devices has bought with it a new golden age in photography? Some photo apps, however, differ slightly from the norm and offer the user a little something else to touch their images with; to unleash an otherwise unheard of side of their creativity, perhaps. Photofy is one such app and It's one we're quite enamored with at present.

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    The blurb has Photofy as an all new self expression app. one that" empowers people to be creative by adding their own unique touch to photos and sharing them with friends and family". Being a fairly uncreative bunch of head-chopping photo enthusiasts, we thought it would be right up our street. There's plenty to be had within Photofy and plenty that will help you tweak an otherwise standard photo into something a little more fun. Think of Photofy as a kind of on-the-go DTP program, without sounding too old school.

    Basically, you can either take a photo, choose one from an existing gallery or online cloud service or choose from one of the many stock via Photofy's immense repository. Then, you can augment It with thousands of designs, stickers, frames, borders and so on (spanning over 70 different categories) from the Photofy servers. After that you can pick a filter, resize the image, add text, add a final frame layer and/or touch the Image up slightly Using the base editing tools before previewing and sharing it with your family and friends on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Flickr and Instagram. The results are fun, good looking and add a level of personalisation you wouldn't normally get through simply sharing the Image unaltered. It's also very easy to apply an effect that expresses a genuine feeling about the image, rather than just stamping some art work over the top of it; there's a certain classy feel to Photofy, which we particularly liked.

    Features at A Glance
    • Free
    • Free-form text tool with over 90 free font.
    • Slick, Intuitive app allows users to create stunning designs within seconds.
    • Library of pre-designed content spanning over 70 categories from birthdays to Valentine's Day,weddings, holidays and more.
    • Thousands of professionally designed graphics, stickers, typography and frames .

    Of course, the emphasis here is on creating and sharing, but in a more personalized way than the flood of Facebook/Bitstrips cartoon-style entries we've seen in recent months. Photofy goes one better, actually it goes several better than some of the things we've seen in the past, but it does in a personal way without becoming too tacky or looking like it was created by a four-year old let loose on Publisher. We rather liked Photofy and can only see good things coming from the developer In the future.

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    After reading photofy app review it looks awesome. but i have a problem, i can not install this app on my Android phone. it says this is incompatible with my xperia phone. can you tell the requirement for this app.
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    Cyberunk has climbed aboard the selfie bandwagon with the release of its YouCam Perfect for IOS app, a selfie and facial enhancement app for the iPhone and iPad. Similar to the app for Android users, this features auto-beautify mode with six 'beautification' levels and lets users shoot, Instantly beautify and share selfies in mere seconds.

    YouCam Perfect also comes with a bunch of other tools for auto-adjusting the skin quality, face shape and eye size pi us removal of unwanted objects from a snap. You can also put Images together into a collage and share the results with your mates, with but a few clicks, Best of all, all of this functionality is available for free from the relevant iOS and Android stores, Lovely,

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