TimeStatsTimeStatsAdmittedly, we're all guilty of it: surfing the internet when we're supposed to be working. How many times have we caught ourselves on Facebook, Twitter, eBay, YouTube, Vimeo and other such interesting places online while the inbox of our work email account steadily grows in line with the national debt? Probably far too many times.

While there's nothing much we can do to combat this, apart from being a little tougher on ourselves and working to actively block such sites, what we can do instead is monitor our usage and collect data based on our online activities. This is where TimeStats comes In.

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Getting the Data

If you're interested in or you have a requirement to measure the number of websites visited daily through calculating your productivity, then open up Chrome and navigate to goo.gl/WsbwD8, in the Chrome Web Store to download and install this wonderful tool.

TimeStats is pretty unobtrusive; there's no advertising, you can login via Facebook should you wish and share your results (which kind of defeats the object in most cases), and once you click the newly created icon in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, you'll get a pie chart breakdown of each of the sites you've visited over a period of time.

Naturally, using it for a five minutes isn't going to yield much in the way of conclusive results, but using it over a period of a week will display some fascinating(and quite scary in some cases) data.

Display some fascinating (and quite scary in some cases) data. You can view the statistics for today, yesterday, the last seven days and all time. There are options to view the most visited domains; sites broken down by categories (such a social networking, gaming and so on); and you can reveal more detailed statistics, like your total browsing time, domains, daily averages and many more unique functions within the TimeStats Dashboard.

Be More Productive, then Of course, the whole point of this exercise and tip is to help you become more productive, and by monitoring and examining the data revealed through TimeStats you can start to reprogram your daily activities.

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Being more productive doesn't necessarily mean you have less fun - quite the opposite in fact For example, we played around with TimeStats for the best part of the working week, and according to the data produced we deduced that by not playing online games mid-article or by not visiting Facebook every 45 minutes, we could accumulate that time, get all our work done and almost have an entire day free left to play on the Xbox!.

We think productivity management is the key to a happy and successful work lite, and despite having almost an entire day left with which to play on the Xbox, instead of playing, our esteemed and wisely editor decided that we should use that time to work.

TimeStats is just one of many productivity tools designed to help the individual gain a better understanding of their own workflow, and it's something we'll be looking at in PC Tips over the next few weeks. So if you're not happy with TimeStats, then hold on for next week when we'll be looking at another tip to help you get more from your time in front of your PC.

Other Time Management Tools

If you don't use Chrome, then don't despair, for there. If you don't use Chrome, then don't despair, for there are a number of time management tools available for the other popular browsers.
Here are a few we managed to track down for you:
Mind The Time - Firefox
TimeTracker - Firefox
PageAddict - Firefox and IE
MeeTimer - IE and Firefox
RescueTime - IE and Firefox