Chrome is an amazing browser, but it lacks certain handy features you find in Apple's rival browser, Safari. Here we explain how you can get Safari's best tools in Chrome.

View and select tabs
Chrome doesn't have Safari's Tab View feature. But extensions can emulate it. Open a new tab. click the Chrome Web Store icon and search for VisualTabs. Install it and an icon is added next to the spanner. Open some tabs and click it to view thumbnails of all the pages. Open tabs are displayed using cover flow. The left and right keys scroll through the tabs and clicking one opens it. TooManyTabs doesn't look like Safari. But it performs a similar task. Click the icon next to the spanner and it opens a panel that displays thumbnails of tabs. Tabs can be hidden and then reopened later.

Sync bookmarks, tabs and history
Click Chrome's spanner icon then sign in with a Google account to sync with other PCs and devices. Browse the web on your PC, pick up your Android tablet, start Chrome and tap Other Devices at the bottom of the window on a new tab. Each PC and device you use is listed. The open tabs or last viewed pages are shown. Tap one to open it-It's easy to carry on browsing where you left off.

Chrome extensions offer similar features. TabCloud lets you save all your open tabs. When you run Chrome on another PC. Those saved tabs can be reopened. TabSync adds a button to the toolbar. Click it and all the open tabs are saved as a bookmark. Bookmarks are automatically synced. So clicking the button or the bookmark on another device opens the saved tabs.

Share your web finds
Safari has an iOS-style Share button to send web links to Facebook and Twitter. Chrome users can add this feature with Shareaholic. It adds a button next to the spanner and when clicked displays a list of sharing options. There are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin by default. Select the one you want and a post is automatically created from the URL and page title or you can type your own message.

Enhance privacy

Safari includes Do Not Track which tells websites you don't want them to store or track information about your activities. Extensions like DoNotTrackMe and KeepMyOpt-Outs perform a similar job.

Offline reading

if you don't have an internet connection. Safari can save web pages so you can read them later. Install extension Read Later Fast then you can right click any web page and select Read Later. To access your saved pages open a new tab and click the Read Later Fast icon. The saved pages are listed and you can dick one to view it.

Let Chrome read to you
To rest your eyes get SpeakIt Click and drag the mouse over text on a web page. right-click it and select SpeakIt to have it read to you.