Experts now say that we have to consume ten portions of fruit and veg a day in order to live a healthy life. For some, that's not an issue, they regularly and easily consume ten portions daily; however, for others that's quite a task.

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Fruit and veg can be expensive, depending on where you shop, and then there's the added issue of how far the fruit and veg has travelled already to eventually sit in the supermarket. That's before you even think about how long it has been frozen in transit for before arriving at its destination.

Also not everyone has access to a Farmer’s Market or dedicated green grocer anymore either, so what to do then? How about growing your own? It's certainly becoming a more popular option once more.

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Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden, from developer Clever Matrix Ltd, is an app for the gardening enthusiast who has decided to go about growing their own crop of tasty fruit and veg. It's an app that caters for all gardening skill levels and works regardless of whether you own a substantial amount of land, have access to an allotment or just a few planters on a balcony.

It offers you growing guides, details of when to plant, how to plant, and what kind of soil is best; should the veg be in direct sunlight, and how to make sure the growth is being nurtured to its best advantage. There's detailed information on loads of different varieties of vegetable, along with a high resolution image of the plant and the seed to help you identify it at the different stages of its growth.
There's a substantial download when you first install the app, mind you, due to this database of fruit and veg. However, once downloaded, this data does mean that you can operate the app without requiring access to the internet.
There are a hundred and one fruit and vegetable growing advice apps around at the moment, and while Vegetable Garden may be quite low on the list of the top ten of the best growing tip apps, it's actually quite good and a handy app to have with you if you're starting out in this 'grow your own' way of doing things.

It's just a simply laid out, easy to use app that contains all the relevant data you'd need to successfully grow one of the many varieties of fruit and vegetable you'd normally find on the shelves of the supermarket. There's nothing too scientific about, but there's nothing to add to the expense of paying 60p for the app, and buying a grow bag. All in all, a handy, quick reference fruit and vegetable growing app.

Features at a Glance

• 52 vegetable growing guides, with more added with each update
• Detailed images of the vegetable
• A-to-Z list of vegetables
• Favorites screen where you can store your favorite vegetables
• Detailed information on each vegetable listed
• Searchscreen
• Fastand simple to use