Mozilla aims to place ads where people least expect them
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Imagine seeing new web ads featuring the likes of either Amazon or Best Buy when opening a new browser tab on the Mozilla Firefox browser. This is exactly what the Mozilla Foundation has planned for its Firefox browser, and the company aims to gain some significant amount of money from this method of advertising.

Chairperson Mitchell Bell said that “It is expensive to build an ecosystem like that of Mozilla” in justification of the method. “We believe that these tiles can provide some useful information for both consumers and advertisers as well”.

This comes after the fact that Mozilla recently announced that the company would, by default block third party cookies for online advertising on Firefox. With this method in place, it seems that the company wants to have a say in how online advertising is done on the Firefox browser on their terms.

Another concern is the fact that 25 percent of Firefox users use the Adblock plugin to block website ads and in cases where the users are tech-savvy, over 50 percent of them use it to have their web browsing experience ad-free. An interesting thing to note is the fact that it is currently not known if these new ad mechanisms can be blocked by Adblock or otherwise.