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Thread: Can i use SSD and HD on linux OS together?

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    Can i use SSD and HD on linux OS together?

    I've just built a new system with a 256GB SSD for software and a 500GB spinner for data, running Windows 7 (forced on me by the demise of XP), If as I believe, MS are now saying that support for 7 will end in January2015, then I'm off to Linux, tout suite! However, can Linux cope with this division of labor between the SSD and the HD? I read somewhere that Linux views it all as one big storage area. Any advice gratefully received!

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    Microsoft has, indeed, listed end support dates for Windows 7 in 2015, which for reader convenience, I'll list here. The push to Windows 8 continues at full pelt, and as much as some people may not like it, the need to upgrade is getting all the more urgent. That is, unless you decide to migrate to Linux, which is your plan.

    You should have no problems running both an SSD and HDD with Linux. In fact, many Linux users would highly advise such a dual-storage setup, as it can greatly help speed up a system. The SSD is used to house the OS, while the platter-based drive is used for data Storage. As long as you ensure you partition the drives during the system setup, you should be fine.

    Back up your data before you make the move too, but you knew this already. You may also wish to make changes to the operating system's TRIM settings, and set them to automatic. This can be done by opening up a terminal window. Once this is open, use the command

    cp /etc/fstab~/fstab
    You'll need root access for this.

    Next, open /etc/fstab so you can edit it using your preferred editor; and then add the following to the SSD drive entry. This should optimize Linux's trim settings for SSD improving system performance. If you do eventually take this approach good luck!

    In the attachment below you can see the Windows7 support information available at Microsoft's own support website.
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