The Android market is full of cute, cuddly animal games where you are tasked with tickling their tummy's, telling them to fetch various objects and opting to purchase additional items to make the game and the characters within even more cute and cuddly.

They do tend to get a little too much after a while, admittedly, yet Clumsy Ninja, from Natural Motion Games, takes this well-worn formula and has woven an interesting, if not a little samey, title using some clever physics and a wealth of actually very good graphics.

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Cute Ninja's

The concept is quite simple. You control the Clumsy Ninja of the title, a cute cat-like individual who isn't all that good at being a ninja - at first. Through various means at your disposal you are tasked with training him up by subjecting him to sessions on ninja equipment.

The equipment is level based, so by starting off on level one you get the basic kit: a trampoline, punch bag rice sack and watermelons, which you then throw at him with a swipe of your hand. After a while, he begins to unlock moves and then masters the equipment, enabling him to level up and move on to more advanced equipment, which in turn offers more experience points and rewards for mastering.

Naturally, there's a monetary system involved here, both in-game cash and real world. The in-game gold can be earned through completing sessions on the equipment, following the story arc and completing certain missions or through various pets and items that occasionally release money. The real world cash be exchanged for bags of in-game gold or diamonds, which in turn can be used to buy better equipment earlier in the game to allow your ninja to level up quicker and have different styled ninja suits available to him.

It's All a Bit Ragdoll

The ragdoll physics used in Clumsy Ninja are some of the best we've come a cross in a long time. Making good use of the accelerometer and touchscreen, the dynamics of the game do an excellent job in keeping younger players entertained picking the little guy up and chucking him across the screen.

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It's all very comedic, and the large, colorful graphics go a long way in keeping the audience entertained for a suitable amount of time. In the end, providing you don't allow the lure of real world payments drain your wallet. It’s just a bit of harmless fun for an hour or two of your time.


Saying that though, the game does get a little worn after a while, and the useless little ninja does tend to get on your nerves as you try and coax him into a session on the punch bag for the umpteenth time. In the end, there's only 'So much you can do. After tying balloons to his feet throwing a chicken around the game area and flinging the little guy into a stack of crates there's not a lot else. However, it's fun while it lasts and very cute. Mind you, the ancient Samurai warlords may not agree with darkly-clad assassins being classed as cute.
Features at a Glance
• An interesting virtual friend.
• Storyline to keep you interested and entertained.
• Very good graphics and superb ragdoll physics.
• Free, but there are real world money exchanges (so be careful).

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