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Thread: Apple to buy beats, Tech world ponders why

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    Apple to buy beats, Tech world ponders why

    Headphone maker Beats is well known to consumers, chiefly for the firm's association with rap music Big Cheese Dr Ore.

    It's also not gone unnoticed by the chaps at Apple, with the firm now deciding that the time may be right to snap it up. Reports still unconfirmed by Apple at the time of writing, though heavily reported on have claimed that Apple may be willing to pay as much as $3.2bn and at the time of writing, the deal was felt to be imminent. If this does indeed go ahead at this level of spend, it will be Apple's largest acquisition so far and will also leave many industry commentators scratching their heads.

    Beats Electronics also runs a music streaming service and it's quite possible that Apple views the service as helping it to dominate the music accessories business for its mobile products. With a brand name such as Beats to collaborate with, there is little denying that the two would hold significant weight in the industry. However, many analysts just can't understand the deal, given the amount of money involved.
    Fact is that Apple has typically snapped up firms to gain a foothold in industries it might not currently be all that strong in, but with which it has obvious synergies. With Beats, Apple appears to be merely tapping into a consumer segment that it is already pretty strong in. Sure, some lovely Beats-Apple headphones would do great business, but $3.2bn is a lot of money to shift some accessories.

    By looking to take over a a company dealing in related fields to itself, Apple has thrown investors a curveball with this one. Unless, of course, the streaming service IS the real target.

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    ya thats nice

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    Thats good news.

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    I still prefer my sony headphones over those stupid beats

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