Wireless charging on the world's bestselling phone is now possible
The Samsung Galaxy S5 may well be the bee's knees when it comes to the latest smartphone technology, but in terms of wireless charging technologies, it's pretty dumb. Fonesalesman has therefore taken up the challenge and produced the world's first internal wireless charging solution for 5amsung's poster model device, with the introduction of the S5 PWRcard Receiver.

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The S5 PWRcard Receiver is another excellent Qi wireless receiver from a company that leads the way in terms of wire free charging. On the face of it, the S5 PWRcard is an ultra slim, enclosed circuit that measures 57.5 x 40.5 x 1mm and sticks to the back of your battery with the help of the included double-sided sticker. The copper coil that extrudes from the PWRcard then touches the contacts in the upper left of the S5's battery compartment and completes the circuit to allow the PWRcard to charge the battery.

Once fitted, you simply replace the back cover and place the S5 on top of the Fonesalesman's own Koolpad Qi wireless charging pad, which is already hooked up to a power source via its USB connection. The Qi pad will then emit a single beep, and the S5 will start to charge.

There are several advantages that the S5 PWRcard offers. For one, you only need to remove the case of the S5; there's no need to remove the battery or anything else. It's slim enough to allow the stock Samsung Galaxy case to fit back on without any problems, and it's compatible with nearly every available S5 case. Also, there's no interference with the phone signal, reception, Wi-Fi or NFC functions.

Wireless charging is the next big step in mobile technology, and Fonesalesman seems to have the product nailed here. The output of the PWRcard is rated at 5V/800mA, it can charge from a distance of 6mm (handy for thicker cases), and its 750/0 efficient when used with the firm's own Koolpad and Koolpuck technology.

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With the S5 PWRcard costing just 16.99, there's really no excuse not to give it a try. Wireless charging may seem like a gimmick at first, but when you stop to consider the advantages and the benefits on offer, you begin to realize that having the kit at hand is really an excellent addition to an already impressive device. The PWRcard doesn't make the back of the phone bulge out, it doesn't interfere with anything as far as we could tell in our tests and it doesn't require you to attack your phone with a splunger to fit it either.

All in all, the Fonesalesman's S5 PWRcard Receiver is a great way to get the latest technology working with your S5 and thus future proof it for when every conceivable place has its own Qi wireless charging technology.

S5 PWRcard fits discreetly behind your existing original Samsung S5 cover to enable wireless Qi charging with the Koolpad and Koolpuck and other Qi charging pads (Qi charging pad is required to charge).
Thin, lightweight and compact design. With the S5 PWRcard installed, the phone can fit into most cases and covers designed for the 5amsung Galaxy S5.
No need to tediously open port covers to charge your phone.
Qi technology can be used with most non-metallic cases and covers under 5mm thick.
NFC function of the phone is maintained with the S5 PWRcard attached.