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Thread: Shake for Help, app that has to potential to save lives

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    Shake for Help, app that has to potential to save lives

    Shake for Help, app that has to potential to save lives
    The world, unfortunately, isn't a particularity safe place. We're not talking media-inspired fear mongering here, it's plain reality. It doesn't matter if you're simply walking down to the shops for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, or whether you're waiting outside a nightclub for a taxi to become available, there is the potential for something horrible to happen and sometimes, sadly, it does.

    We don't generally live in fear, though; or at least most of us don't, thankfully. However, there have been examples in the news of things most unpleasant happening to the people just like us. So, is there anything you can do about it?

    These days, most people carry with them a mobile device of some kind. While this is great in the event of an emergency, it's not always practical to whip the phone out and dial the number for the emergency services while the chap in the hockey mask wielding the cricket bat with nails in it is rapidly approaching you. Something a little more subtle is called for, then.

    Shake For Help
    BrillSoft has recently released an interesting app called Shake For Help. Since the clue is clearly in the name, you won't be surprised to find out that all you need to do to contact the emergency services is to shake your phone.

    It's an interesting concept, and one that's probably going to go far with advancing updates and smartphone models. In essence you download and install the app, then spend a few moments configuring the emergency contacts you want included (for when you activate the app and shake your phone). After that, Shake for Help will lie silently in wait until you shake the device furiously enough to activate it, which in turn will then silently inform your emergency contacts of your location, speed of travel, direction relative to them and the battery level of your device.

    Further to this, the app will remain silent so your attacker isn't aware of what's going on - and will continue to issue the request for help periodically by vibrating. Also the sensitivity of the shaking can be further configured to allow for a more or less vigorous shake, and you can opt to turn the app off temporarily.

    It's easy to adopt the 'fear everything' mode of popular journalism, after all we are continually bombarded with this kind of natural fear daily. However, we can't be blase about the potential dangers of the world we live in either.

    Shake for Help is a pretty good idea, by all accounts, and one that could help you out should you ever need to silently call the police or a member of your family in the case of an emergency. It doesn't, however, replace common sense; a commodity which is sorely lacking in many people, it would seem.

    All in all, we think this would make for a great app for someone who is infirm, perhaps, and could do with having the ability to contact others in case they fall or have hurt themselves. Let's face it, if it helps just one person then it's worth its weight in gold.

    Features at A Glance

    • Quick, easy configuration process (takes a minute or two)
    • To let emergency contacts know you are in trouble, shake the phone until it vibrates
    • When in emergency mode, the phone is silenced, so that your attacker is not alerted
    • When in emergency mode, your phone will vibrate periodically to let you know it is sending out alerts
    • If you accidentally trigger an alert, shake the device again to turn it off
    • Notifies emergency contacts of your location, speed, direction, and battery level
    • To cancel emergency mode, simply shake the phone until it vibrates (or launch it, and tap 1 am safe)

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