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Thread: What is the issue with graphics on my laptop ASUS N76V, while playing games

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    What is the issue with graphics on my laptop ASUS N76V, while playing games

    I've got an ASUS N76V laptop, which uses both an Intel HD graphics chip as well as an Nvidia Geforce GT 650M. I don't in- tend to use the laptop for cutting edge gaming or anything, but I do like to play some titles on it.

    I've noticed some problems with the laptop's graphics, though. I can run some more recent titles fairly well on the system, but I recently tried to run a copy of System Shock 2 (from on it, and it ran really badly, stuttering all over the place.

    If the laptop can handle more up to date releases, I don't understand why it can't handle a game as old as System Shock 2. It could be some sort of compatibility problem, but I thought GOG games were all tweaked to work on new computers. Can you help?

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    You're certainly correct in that, theoretically, your laptop should be able to run such an old game with no performance problems, especially one modified by GOG to run on new machines, but as we're all too aware, this isn't always the case in the land of PC gaming. Luckily, though, your issue isn't a major problem, and should be easily fixed.

    The laptop you have has a dual GPU setup, and it can utilize either of the graphics modes it features. However, you have to tell the unit which GPU chip to use. If you don't it may choose the wrong one, in this case, the Intel GPU.

    To change this, open up the Nvidia Control Panel and go to the Program Settings tab. Use the drop down to select a program to customize, in this case, System Shock 2. If you can't find it in the list, click Add to locate it. Once you do, in the second box, select the option for 'High-performance NVIDIA processor'. You can then select other options in the third box, should you wish.

    If you'd rather not have to do this for each and every game, and aren't necessarily concerned about preserving battery life, simply select the option for the Nvidia processor under the Global Settings tab using the 'Preferred graphics processor' option.

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