Linux Mint 17, named Qiana, has been released as a pre-stable preview of what's going to be coming along in the next month or so.
17 will be a long-term support (LTS) version, which will last until 2019 and is based on Ubuntu 14.04. It has numerous new additions and features, as well as the usual bug fixes and extras that the Mint team adds to much its much-loved distro.
Mint 17 already shaping up to be the best Linux distro in town

Primary among the new features is an update manager, which shows a lot more information and is significantly faster than ever before. There's also a drivers manager, which makes installation of hardware much easier and an improved login screen with a refined MDM and HTML greeter.

The Software Sources program has received a few improvements, and the System Settings menu in Cinnamon 2.2 has been refined with better categorization and sections. Speaking of Cinnamon 2.2 improvements, there have been a few enhancements to certain elements of the environment. Chiefly, the hot corners andassociated head-up display has been improved and now offers better customization and settings, and there are fewer intrusive messages relating to the hot corners and other workspace management.

However, despite the new and improved features on offer from the environment and the services, the one that has everyone buzzing with interest is the new HiDPI and Retina display support.

Looking Good
Generally, MATE and Cinnamon are pretty good looking environments anyway. With a good monitor to display on to, one that can hit some pretty high resolution numbers, both Cinnamon and MATE are able to put Mac and Windows 8 to shame.

With HiDPI and Retina display support, though, the end effect is going to be something truly wonderful. As Clem has recently stated with regards to this new technology, "a lot of work went into this but there isn't much to say about it... it just works well in high-resolution :"
Needless to say, we're looking forward to seeing what Cinnamon 2.2 will look like at resolutions well beyond 1080p.

No More of the Same
There have been comments in recent years about Mint beginning to look a little worn, no matter what they do to spruce it up in new versions. 'More of the same' is the usual type of remark.

Naturally, everyone is allowed their opinion, but condemning Mint 17 without first giving it a try isn't fair to the team that produced, and it's also plain stupid.

So instead of 'more of the same' or whatever these trolls like to spout, Mint 17 is shaping up to be yet another excellent distro and one that successfully combines a mix of both good looks with functionality and stability with performance.