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Thread: HTC Desire 601 Specifications and Brief Review

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    Lightbulb HTC Desire 601 Specifications and Brief Review

    HTC has revamped the desire once more, and this time gave it 4G!

    The first HTC phone I covered for Micro Mart was a Desire. Since 2010 we've seen a whole series bearing this name, often with a letter tagged on. The new Desire 601, however, bears little resemblance to the original Desire, and it's selling into a more radically polarized market. This phone is more firmly entrenched in the lower middle order for HTC Android customers and is priced accordingly. Being primarily plastic, the 601 is at least lightweight (130g), and it's also comfortable to handle, with nicely blended edges.

    The styling is heavily influenced by the HTC One, having a similar stereo speaker bracketed display layout. However, compared with the HTC One and its offspring, this is a modestly specified phone, which feels more like a late 2012 design rather than one made for the 2014 market. For starters, there's the 4.5" display that's a curious 960 x 540 resolution.

    When 1080p is becoming the norm, not actually reaching 720p seems at best unfortunate. The lack of pixels aside, the screen is sharp, and by using SLCD2 technology, HTC made it colourful and easily readable at odd angles.

    HTC Desire 601

    Internally, the phone comes with 8GB of flash memory, of which about half is available for the owner to use.
    That can be easily expanded via a micro-SO card up to 64GB, and HTC even blessed it with a removable battery. These are old features I like and should come back globally, I suggest. Also on the plus side of this equation is a reasonable 5MP camera that includes pre-shot frame selection and panorama modes.

    While not on par with the HTC One Mini Ultra Pixel camera, it's more than adequate for posting pictures on social networks, and HTC has worked hard on delivering less grainy low-light performance. Good cameras are welcome, but I was more concerned about the CPU choice in this design.

    The dual-core Qualcomm 1AGHz Snapdragon 400 processor did initially seem a little old school. Many designs now use quad core, but the phone doesn't seem hampered by having only two cores, and the battery life actually appears to benefit. This is the first phone I've used for some time that could stretch past a single working day, and it could usually get halfway through the next before demanding a charge.

    HTC Desire 601 Specifications
    Display: 4.50-inch
    Processor:Dual Core 1.4GHzQualcomm Snapdragon 400
    Cameras: 0.3MP front SMP rear
    RAM: 1GB
    Storage: 8GB
    Expansion: Micro-SO card slot
    Battery capacity: 2100mAh
    Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
    Network: 2G, 3G, LTE800/900/1800/2600
    Bluetooth: 4.0
    SIM Type: Micro-SIM
    Click image for larger version. 

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    hat extra power capacity could be critical If you decide to use the flagship feature of the 601, because this phone is 4G LTE capable. I'd love to tell you about this aspect, but sadly I reside in a city that isn't blessed with this technology. And that's the issue really, because the majority of people either don't have access or a service that provides 4G at this time.

    Those that work in London might find it useful. and for them the Desire 601 represents one of the cheaper ways to get faster download speeds. In theory, the LTE Cat4 used here can upload at 50Mbps and download at 150Mbps, though it's worth saying that those speeds are largely theoretical. The computing side of the 601 is less ambitious, based around Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and not the latest 4.4 Kit Kat build. II would have been nice to see the latter, but frankly it's not a deal-breaker at this time. More of an issue for me was the version of Sense that HTC gave it, which wasn't the 5.5 it's supplying on the HTC One Mini but older Sense 5.0. That might seem a minor point, but in Sense 5.5 you can dismiss the Blink Feed Interface panels a great addition for those like me who can't abide them.

    Clearly the 601 was designed for avid Facebook and Twiner users, and anyone else needs to load up ADW or another launcher to make things more traditionally Android. I might be getting old and intolerant, but I like Android because It's easy to customize it to how I like to work, and HTC Sense seems to be heading In a different direction. Overall, the Desire 601 is a decent-quality phone for the money, and substantially better value than the majority of high-end designs. However, with the recent Motorola Moto G delivering a better screen and faster processor for less than half this price, I'm not sure how the Desire 601 is going to pan out for HTC.

    If HTC had launched It a year ago with this spec and price. it would have shipped millions of them. But a year in the mobile market is like a decade for most others. and It now looks decidedly underpowered and overpriced. That's a shame really, because with the exception of a few minor gripes, this Is a really good design that probably deserves more attention than it's likely to get.

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    Thanx for sharing info about HTC Desire.

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