Another year goes by and we stand at the threshold of 2015, welcoming a new year. From all of us at Datasoft Networks, here’s wishing that the New Year 2015 is Productive, healthy and blissful for you and your loved ones.

The year about to end was nothing short of eventful. We confronted challenges unflinchingly, celebrated successes collectively. But what remains unchanged over the years and continues to grow stronger, is your support and trust in us. Our greatest satisfaction is that you chose Datasoft Networks for your Cloud server Hosting, VOIP and web hosting needs, which we value immensely. We’re committed to providing you the best customer experience and we promise to honor this commitment always.

As we look back at how we fared last year, we are pleased to share with you improvements that defined the year 2014 for us:

* Contributed to continuous improvement of customer satisfaction levels with services that increase our customer’s efficiency and productivity.

* Security improvements to our line of Private/Public Cloud servers with individually configurable firewall to secure their data assets.

* Access improvements to server management consoles with easily navigable server administration consoles that help our customers perform basic server management functions.

* Increased remuneration to help our Reseller/affiliates network members increase their revenue from Datasoft Networks
With the above innovations and improvements in our products/service offerings AND More to come this New Year 2015. We reiterate our commitment of 'Relationship beyond Service to uphold Customer superiority' to our customers. You have helped us scale new heights and we hope that together we will weave a better and secured tomorrow.

"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering 'it will be happier'..."- Alfred Tennyson

We look forward to more productive interactions ahead with you, with this quote and extend you our best wishes for the New Year 2015, Godspeed!

Datasoft Networks