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If you are going to start an online business and want to get a web hosting package for your website then one thing you should decide carefully is the platform on which you want to do your web hosting. There are two major platforms Linux and Windows servers. Both of these platforms are used for web hosting but their usability, functionalities, support and other features are quite different from each other. Choosing the right platform is essential for your long-term business success. In this article, I am going to discuss the functionalities, features, usability, pros and cons of these platforms, so, you can better decide which one is best for you to run your online business.

Choosing from Linux or Windows hosting totally depends on your business needs. In the Software Operation Industry, the Windows and Linux Server are the imperative web-hosting platforms. Linux is fundamentally an open-source and free operating system that is made on the Linux kernel. The main Linux OS function is to manage resources of software and its objects. Windows Server is mainly a Microsoft product for a collection of operating systems server. It is a collection of OSs made by Microsoft and the main structure is layered into kernel mode and user mode. There is a huge difference between Linux and Windows and in this article, we would discuss some of the major factors that differentiate both platforms.

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