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Thread: Web Design Techniques

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    Design is a lot of math. Learn more about the technical sites of design,If you've ever had the feeling that something was just 'not right' in your design.

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    Web designing should be user friendly, proper navigation, less of script and less of flash used .
    It should be simple but attractive for reader and visitors .

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    1. Benjamin Keen has a responsive Web design bookmarklet that you can add to your Favorites bar (or Bookmarks bar) on your browser of choice. You can click on this bookmarklet to test your site layout in different resolutions.
    2. If you’re using Windows 8, you can always test your page layout on Internet Explorer 10 by employing the Windows 8 snap modes. In Windows 8, you can use Internet Explorer 10 on your full screen (full mode), or you can multitask by docking the browser to snap mode, where it emulates the layout characteristics of a smart phone browser. Additionally, you can dock the browser into fill mode, where it occupies 1024 x 768 pixels (px) on a default Windows 8 screen size of 1366 x 768 px. This is a great proxy for how your site will look on iPad screens as well as traditional 4:3 screens.
    3. Lastly, you'll probably do a lot of what you see in Figure 1 (image courtesy

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    HTML is the most basic tool u need to know, but in this day and age just using HTML is very rudimentary and primitive.

    looks to me like the trend is in creating Flash or Shockwave websites..

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    Using HTML5
    Using CSS 3.0
    Compressing text files
    Compressing the images
    Using Ajax for progressive environment

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    Webdesign is more important for a website.It should not be too flashy,easy navigation, and should be pleasant to look.They are more like the eyes to a face.If people get attracted there are chances that they may visit the site regularly increasing your pagerank and webtraffic.If someone is new to web designing then they can opt for predefined website templates already available or third party designing service.This would make the user to create a website easily.Providers like offer Website Builder as well as Web Design Service for the users at low cost.
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    lmost each new customer nowadays needs a versatile adaptation of their site. It's basically a crucial ability to have for any web planner

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