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Thread: Undersea cable cut affects 50% of Pakistan's internet traffic

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    Undersea cable cut affects 50% of Pakistan's internet traffic

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    A fiber optic cable got cut in the Arabian Sea near Karachi resulting in nearly 60 per cent decrease in internet speed across Pakistan on Wednesday.

    Nearly 50 per cent of Pakistan’s internet traffic faces disruption as SMW4 – one of the four undersea cables that connects the country with internet was damaged.
    The disruption occurred around 12pm on Wednesday. The country’s internet traffic is currently running on two cables instead of four.
    SMW is also referred to as SEA-ME-WE (South East Asia Middle East and Western Europe).
    PTCL and Transworld – the internet gateways for Pakistan – provide internet using this fiber optic cable.
    This is the second submarine cable that has been effected after IMWE which was cut more than a week ago.
    A consortium of internet service providers is working on the issue but they have not come up with a resolution time for this problem.

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    Egypt arrests as undersea internet cable cut off Alexandria

    Egyptian authorities say they have arrested three divers trying to cut through an undersea internet cable.
    The men were caught on a fishing boat just off the port city of Alexandria, said military spokesman Col Ahmed Mohammed Ali.
    The damaged cable caused a drop in the speed of online services in Egypt and some other countries, said Egyptian news agency Mena.
    It was unclear whether the incident was linked to cables damaged last Friday.
    At the time, cable operator Seacom said several lines connecting Europe with Africa, the Middle East and Asia were hit, also slowing down internet services, reported Reuters news agency.
    The cable hit in Wednesday's apparent sabotage was the South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 4 (SEA-ME-WE 4) - one of the main cables snaking under the Mediterranean, Mena said.
    The attack took place some 750m (820 yards) north of Alexandria, it said.
    In the statement on his official Facebook page, Col Ali said the divers were arrested while "cutting the undersea cable" of the main telecommunications company, Telecom Egypt.
    He did not give any explanation for the divers' alleged motive.
    The men were due to be interrogated.
    Mediterranean telecoms cables have suffered disruptions several times in recent years, but they have usually been attributed to accidents involving ship propellers.
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