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ID:	957The 'Super WiFi' is defined by United States Federal Communications Commission to describe a wireless networking proposal. The 'Super WiFi' uses the lower frequency white spaces between television channel frequencies. It allows the signal to travel and penetrate walls better than high frequencies. The signal travel for longer distances.
Compared to the cost of fiber optic cables they are less expensive to use.
The countries using this WiFi system are Plumas California, North Carolina, Virginia, Logan Ohio, United States of America, Colorado, Mississippi.

Super Wi-Fi is not a kind of hardware or software. It is an advanced technology of Wi-Fi. The main difference between Super Wi-Fi and simple Wi-Fi is of range. If say, normal Wi-Fi has a range of 100 meters, Super Wi-Fi will have a range of 400 meters. According to some sources, Super Wi-Fi is having a great range of 8 kilometers. The reason behind this is that Super Wi-Fi uses lower frequency white spaces between television channel frequencies. There is a good advantage of Super Wi-Fi over normal Wi-fi, that is Super Wi-Fi signals can penetrate more walls than the normal one. This new technology is found by the United States Federal Communication Commissions, and hence it is greatly used in the US at present. No other countries have been introduced to it till now. In the US, costing for Super Wi-Fi is very cheap. Different schools and colleges in the US are having this technology free of cost.