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Thread: Power line snooping

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    Power line snooping

    We are all told to encrypt our wireless networks, to avoid the neighbors stealing our internet. I'd like to know, should we do the same for power line Ethernet
    connections? Could my neighbour access my internet connection through the mains if it's not protected?

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    Many people may quickly dismiss your worries as being a little silly After all, if your network is using your home's own power cables and you're not on a shared meter, how could there be a problem? Well, they would be wrong. Yes, power line networking is inherently more secure than Wi-Fi, but it's far from impenetrable. Although it's very unlikely, without adequate protection it is possible for the power line network signal to be stolen, and contrary to hardware manufacturer claims, the network can, indeed, get past your power meter and out into the world. This has been proven in tests, and as a result, I'd always highly advise users take steps to protect their network. Of course, this is even more of an issue on houses with older power lines that may suffer from leakage.
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    Luckily, most power line networking devices include built-in security, including encryption (further enforcing the falsehood of signals being stifled at the power meter). The problem is many people aren't even aware of the need for security, let alone how to employ it on their power line network. If you're going to use this networking tech in your home, always make sure the devices you're going to purchase include some form of security. Ideally, this security will let you change the default settings, such as encryption keys, so you can pick something unique and more robust. If you already use power line networking, check your security is set up right away just to be sure.

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