Panoramic cameras are a good Idea In theory, but m practical terms the Image is always a little Incomplete. There's only a limited range a single lens can see, and spinning it around can introduce distortion, blur and poor stitching to an image. If only there were an alternative.

Aiming to solve the problem of incomplete panoramic photography, the Panono Camera Ball is, as the name suggests, a ball with multiple embedded cameras. These interior sensors cover the full range of visibility around the ball, meaning you can take a true, 360 x 360 panoramas. You can throw it up in the air to automatically trigger the camera, allowing a complete capture of the environment it's in.

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There's no need for fiddling Bluetooth pairing or triggers the ball's built-in sensors automatically trigger when the ball reaches the apex of its arc. The images are superb quality - 108 megapixels, stitched together from 36 separate images - and can be browsed Google Street View-style on a regular Pc. You can, if you prefer, use the camera as a handheld device or trigger it remotely while it’s mounted on a tripod. It's quite the toy, but one can also see serious applications for It.

Estate agents providing a look at a building’s interior for example, or shops giving you the ability to browse their stop in near-real time by taking a new Image every morning. Of course, if you want to try those ideas for yourself, you'll have to pre-order - and that means parting with a princely £549 plus EUR30 for shipping, and over €100 more if you want all of the extras. Still, you can choose to have it in black or green, so, er, that's a plus.