No, that's not a typo. They really did spell it 'Trew' still, literacy concerns aside, the TREW Grip keyboard is one of the weirdest devices we've seen for some time. A combined keyboard/air mouse that connects to phones, tablets, TVs, notebooks and desktops, the TREWGrip keyboard does away with a standard QWERTY layout and arranges everything in a way that, theoretically speaking, makes it possible to touch-type in a handheld situation.

We can't comment on how well it succeeds, since we haven't used one yet, but we can point out the visual and technical similarity to an accordion. Hardly the coolest of instruments, but fair enough. The TREWGrip does maintain some community with a standard keyboard, ensuring that the right keys are positioned under the right finger for touch- typing, so you should be able to transfer your adjusting typing skills over with relative ease, or so they claim.

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Available In four colours (black, blue, red and green) and with handgrips in three different sizes, itís at least reasonable customizable. There's a universal smartphone mount In the center of the device so that you can keep your phone In front of you as you type, and LED-based visual cues on its front light up to help you confirm which button you pressed on the rear. As well as the standard alphanumeric and enter/space/etc, the keyboard also incorporates navigation buttons to help you quickly edit text. A smart idea, even if the rest of the keyboard looks bizarre.

We're sceptical that a design this radical will ever take off in any major way. The fact that It tried to launch through Kickstarter and failed gives us reason to believe it's not going to make much headway with the public at large. However, if you want to try it, you can later this year. Pricing and exact release date are unavailable till now.